My dear friends and IAMA members,

I have been honored and privileged to serve IAMA as the national president, along with an assembly of highly dedicated and inspiring board members.

IAMA has always served a crucial role in the medical community, both in the US and in Iran. Founding a clinic in Bam providing much needed medical services to underserved population, establishing a natural disaster relief fund supporting people affected by devastating earthquakes and floods, providing our communities with current and up-to-date medical education through our Public Awareness programs, presenting scientific articles and the opportunity to earn CME credits at our annual conference, fostering research and engaging in exchange of specialty and subspecialty medical services, and supporting young Iranian physicians in securing a residency position in the US are examples of IAMA’s ongoing commitment and achievements. Many of them owed to the hard work and dedication of founders and directors of IAMA, and in particular the immediate past president, Dr. Shokouh-Amiri and his esteemed board.

We live in an era of unprecedented pandemic, increasing geopolitical complexity, social movements, and everchanging healthcare policies and regulatory landscape. I anticipate more changes in our healthcare system as the election year always inspires politicians to push for reforms in delivery and accessibility of healthcare.

To ensure sustainability and to achieve our future goals and aspirations, we must be agile and adaptable, possess the ingenuity and farsightedness, utilize new emerging technologies and social media platform, and continue our growth and expansion through increasing membership and collaboration with other medical/professional societies.

I look forward to working with every one of you and I would like to hear your constructive suggestions and ideas for advancement of our beloved organization.

Shervin Mortazavi, MD
President of IAMA

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Dear Members and Friends of IAMA:

Iranian American Medical Association since it’s inception has always strived to promote health and wellness of our communities by contributing to the delivery of healthcare as well as public education and awareness. History of civilization has proven that violence, injustice and discrimination can negatively impact wellbeing and vigor of the population.

IAMA emphasizes its extravagant support for constitutional rights of Equality and Social Justice, and stands against any racial injustice or discrimination. We strongly believe all human beings regardless of their social or individual determinants have been created equally, and deserve to be treated equally with rein and respect.

This has been best described by Saadi, the great Iranian poet and philosopher:

“Human beings are members of a whole,
In creation of one essence and soul.
If one member is afflicted with pain,
Other members uneasy will remain.
If you have no sympathy for human pain,
The name of human you cannot retain.”

(Translation to English by M. Aryanpour)


Shervin Mortazavi, MD
President of IAMA

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 Humanitarian Relief Coalition (HUREC) is a joint effort of charitable nonprofit organizations and medical professionals to deliver life-saving support to our fellow Iranians facing the Coronavirus (COVID-19) disaster in Iran. The coalition is non-political, non-religious, and upholds the principle of serving all equally irrespective of their race, ethnicity, religion, or gender.




Dear friends and supporters,

Our hearts go out to the victims of the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic worldwide. Regardless of how prepared a nation is for the coronavirus outbreak, disasters of such magnitude require us to come together to intervene with humanitarian assistance to save lives and to hopefully contain the spread of this dangerous pandemic..


Iran is among the countries hit hardest with the novel COVID-19 pandemic. In response, the Iranian American Medical Association (IAMA), Moms against Poverty (MAP), Institute for International Health and Education (IIHE), Public Affairs Alliance of Iranian Americans (PAAIA), Keep Children in School (KCIS), along with other dedicated organizations and volunteers, have initiated the Humanitarian Relief Coalition (HUREC). The mission of HUREC is to provide the necessary medical supplies and resources to hospitals, medical teams, and patients in the most effective manner and free of charge to battle the devastating effects of COVID-19 in Iran..


Due to the scope of the disaster, the coalition’s vision is to aggregate resources and centralize efforts in a collective, inclusive, and transparent manner to maximize our capacity for effective emergency response. With the help of reputable international aid organizations, the coalition has developed trusted and effective channels of international and local procurement and distribution of medical supplies in Iran.


We urge our members, friends, fellow charitable organizations and foundations in the Iranian diaspora to partner with and support us in this philanthropic mission to save lives and help the Iranian people during this dire emergency.


We pledge to act with full transparency and accountability and will regularly update donors on activities by providing accurate reports of humanitarian assistance. Our members have procured the necessary Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) licenses for transferring humanitarian aid to Iran and will fully comply with the U.S. government’s laws and regulations. The coalition consists of 501(c)(3) charitable organizations and all donations in the United States are tax-deductible.


We need to act fast as the pandemic is afflicting a bigger portion of the Iranian population every passing day. Donate here to ensure that essential supplies will reach medical facilities in Iran where the needs are greatest! For more information visit us at www.hurecoalition.com

Please share this campaign with your entire network and encourage them to participate and feel free to contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you have any questions or concerns.


logo Iranian American Medical Association (IAMA) Moms Against Poverty (MAP)

Public Affairs Alliance of Iranian Americans (PAAIA)

logo Institute for International Health and Education (IIHE)
logo SoCal Persian American Medical Association (SoCalPAMA) Keep Children in School (KCIS)

Iranian American Bar Association (IABA)

logo Society of Iranian Psychiatrists in North America (SIPNA)

Child Foundation


CHILD International


Medical Magazine, (SEEB)


LA and OC Chapters of the Iranian American Chamber of Commerce


Multicultural Institute for Development (OMID)


Iranian-American Community

Information Center (IACIC)

Amin Arasteh Foundation


Roya Foundation


Iranian American Women Foundation


Pars Equality Center


The Iranian Circle of Women’s Intercultural Network (ICWIN)


Razi Health Foundation


Payam-e-Ashena Magazine




The Academy of Persian American Physicians



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President’s Message

Dear IAMA members and friends,

I hope this letter finds everyone well. This will be my last message during the 4 years of being IAMA’s president. First of all, I would like to wish the best to the upcoming board, chaired by Dr. Mortazavi who is very talented, motivated and dedicated to continuing the mission of IAMA and to take it to a new level. I congratulate him and his board members. My board members and I will be at their disposal if we can be of any help, since we all love IAMA and Iran.

One of the most important achievements was the improvement of IAMA’s website & implementation of social media. This has been possible through the outstanding work of Dr. Mohammad Shokouh-Amiri and Dr. Katayoun Katouzian who spent endless hours and a lot of hard work which brought the website and the social media to a higher level. The website is functional, user friendly and distributes IAMA’s messages to a much wider audience. Off course the website is not perfect yet, since informational technology is dynamic & everchanging. We hope that the new board will continue to improve the website even further so IAMA can be on the forefront of reaching out to its members and friends in the best possible way.

The highlights of what website and social media committees have achieved are:

  • New Website design and management (with Cyberset)
  • Providing online registration option for membership and for the annual conferences
  • New email addresses and domain for IAMA (Google GSuite)
  • GSuite package for NPO has many features available for IAMA domain email users.
  • MailChimp: for bulk email and newsletters. This was necessary for IAMA to be in compliance with the CAN-SPAM ACT.
  • “Two” PayPal accounts
  • Facebook Page and Groups for communication and for fundraising campaigns
  • Network for Good account for requesting IAMA’s unclaimed money in social media
  • Smile Amazon account
  • Evenbrite for ticketing, events, conferences, and Gala registration and payment.
  • Social media (Facebook Page & Groups =875 followers, LinkedIn- Page & Group=9,804 followers, Twitter, Instagram=362 followers, YouTube).
  • Online banking arrangement at Bank of America
  • Set up QuickPay via Zelle system
  • Adding a saving account for IAMA’s in November 2019
  • Adding a new checking account for IAMA for all types of donations.

Another important achievement of IAMA is creation of a coalition with other humanitarian organizations in the US and Canada. HUREC (Humanitarian Relief Coalition) was created in order to help the patients of the COVID-19 pandemic. As you all are well aware, this pandemic has affected our beloved country, Iran, very seriously. IAMA has been one of the top five founders of this coalition. Drs. Omid Ashouri, Mohammad Shokouh-Amiri, & myself have had the privilege & honor of representing IAMA in this coalition. We have been successful in generating more than $500,000 through the generous donations from Iranian, American, and Canadian friends. IAMA hopes that through the generosity of good people, we can save lives and help the medical groups who are in forefront of fighting this pandemic. I encourage everyone to still donate to this great cause by visiting yarikon.com. It is noteworthy to mention that Drs Omid Ashouri & Mohammad Shokouh-Amiri went well above & beyond their line of volunteerism to not only help with fundraising but to spread the word to the media & secure radio & television shows to make IAMA’s Humanitarian mission heard.

As you know, due to COVID-19 pandemic, meetings have been cancelled all over the world in an effort to keep everyone safe. We, like many others, had to cancel our annual medical conference in May 2020. All the money that was collected for registration and Gala event has been refunded to the registrants. This happened through the hard work of local organizing committee, chaired by Dr. Mortazavi who first secured a beautiful location (Hilton Hotel), then worked diligently to cancel it in a way that all members got their registration money back. Dr. Mortazavi, incoming president, is hoping to hold the meeting at the same location next year, depending on the COVOD-19 pandemic and the new Board’s decision.

Our membership numbers have been increasing slowly, but surely. A new dental section has been added to IAMA. This has been possible through the work of a very energetic, motivated, and dedicated member, Dr. Shafa Amirsoltani. She has revolutionized this section. Many congratulations to her for this & for accepting to be a member of the new board. We have had very successful CME activities and scientific meetings in San Diego, Houston, & Chicago. This year’s meeting which was planned to be in New Jersey was unfortunately cancelled due to COVID-19 pandemic. All abstracts that were accepted to be presented this year will be considered for next year’s meeting if the authors are still agreeable to present them.

Our finances have been good, and we have been able to generate more funds through donations to IAMA’s humanitarian efforts, like the earthquake in Kermanshah, flash floods in Shiraz and now the COVID-19 pandemic, and for IAMA itself. Many thanks to our generous donors who have believed in the humanitarian mission of IAMA and trusted this organization as custodian of their great effort. We promised that these funds will be used as efficiently as possible with the least administrative cost. Detailed report of our activity will be in the treasurer report and results of these activities will be on the website for our great donors to know how their donation is spent.

IAMA has continued its scientific & humanitarian relations with different universities in Iran especially the Liver & Pancreas transplant programs. Missionary works to underprivileged countries, like Honduras, have been carried out successfully over the years as well.

None of these would have been possible without the support of board of trustees, chapters & hard work of board members. I would like to specifically thank Drs. Ganchi, Moshirpur, Bozorgzad, Mohajer, Massumi, Ashouri, Nourbakhsh, M. Shokouh Amiri, Katouzian, Armaghany, Fallahi, Ataei, Ghazi, Madani, Hanjani, Torrei, Shidban, Tavakoli, Farhad, Ameri, Mrs. Mirfakhraee, and Mrs. A. Ashouri for their outstanding effort in advancing IAMA’s mission during my four years of serving IAMA.

Considering that all functions of IAMA are based on volunteerism, still I would like to give my special thanks to those volunteers who gave their love & passion before, during, & after the meetings to make sure everything ran smoothly during our annual conferences. Special thanks to Ms. Donna Daly, IAMA Administrative Assistant, Ms. Yvette Sanchez, WK Transplant Administrator and Mrs. Rhea Whitlock, WK Administrative Assistant, who helped me keep different organizational activities of IAMA performed in a timely manner.

Unfortunately, during these past 4 years we have lost great members of IAMA, Mrs. Fallahi, Drs. Vida, Mirlouhi, Hedayati, Saberi & Mohammadi who have been the pillars of this great organization. It is the hope of IAMA to continue their legacy. They will be immensely missed.

Last, but not least, I would like to thank my lovely wife, Dr. Afsaneh (Sophia) Shokouh-Amiri, who has always helped me with her great enthusiasm and innovative suggestions behind the scenes & without expecting any recognition.

With very best wishes for the new board and its new president, Dr.Mortazavi, I will say goodbye, but I promise to be involved in the affairs of IAMA as the past president and a loyal member of IAMA.

“Human beings are members of a whole,
In creation of one essence and soul.
If one member is afflicted with pain,
Other members uneasy will remain.
If you have no sympathy for human pain,
The name of human you cannot retain.”

Saadi’s great poem:
(Translation to English by M. Aryanpour)

Yours truly,

Hosein Shokouh-Amiri, MD, FACS, FICS
IAMA President 2016-2020
HUREC Founding Board Member
Professor of Surgery
Director of Liver Transplantation & Co-Director of Transplant Program at
John C. McDonald Transplant Center, Shreveport, LA

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ائتلاف همبستگی کمک های بشردوستانه ، یک گروه ائتلافی از نهادهای غیرانتفاعی و متخصصین امور پزشکی بوده که به منظور حمایت های انسانی به هموطنانمان در مواجهه با بیماری کرونا در ایران تشکیل شده است. این مجموعه، یک ائتلاف از سازمانهای غیرانتفاعی و بدون هیچ وابستگی سیاسی یا مذهبی بوده و پایبند خدمت به تمامی افراد، به دور از تبعیض نژادی، قومی، مذهبی و جنسی است





دوستان و حامیان عزیز و گرامی

قلب و جان ما از قربانی شدن انسان ها در همه گیری جهانی بیماری کرونا به درد آمده است. گذشته از میزان آمادگی هر ملتی برای مقابله با شیوع ویروس کرونا، عظمت این فاجعه ما را بر آن داشت تا با همیاری یکدیگر در یک اقدام انسان دوستانه برای نجات انسان ها قدم برداریم به امید اینکه از انتشار این بیماری خطرناک جلوگیری کنیم

همانطور که می دانید کشور عزیزمان ایران در میان کشورهایی است که بیشترین درصد ابتلا و مرگ و میر در اثر همه گیر شدن ویروس کرونا را دارد. در این راستا ، انجمن پزشکان ایرانی -آمریکایی ، موسسه مادران علیه فقر، انستیتوی بهداشت و آموزش بین الملل، سازمان کودکان را در مدرسه نگاه داریم و اتحادیه امور عمومی ایرانیان آمریکا با یاری سایر موسسات و افراد داوطلب، تشکیلاتی به نام ائتلاف همبستگی کمک های بشردوستانه را شکل دادند. هدف این ائتلاف ، فراهم کردن کمک های اولیه پزشکی و تامین نیازهای بیمارستان ها، تیم های پزشکی و درمان رایگان بیمارانی است که با این بیماری مهلک دست و پنجه نرم می کنند

به دلیل گستردگی این فاجعه، هدف این تشکیلات ، رساندن کمکها به صورت ساماندهی شده، متمرکز و شفاف است تا توانایی کمک رسانی این گروه را به حداکثر برساند. با یاری موسسات بین المللی، این سازمان یک کانال قابل اطمینان و موثر در سطح بین المللی و محلی برای تهیه و پخش تجهیزات پزشکی در ایران ایجاد کرده است. ما از تمامی اعضا، دوستان و موسسات خیریه ایرانی دعوت می کنیم که به حمایت از این اقدام خیرخواهانه بپیوندند و با کمک خود به مردم عزیز ایران، زندگی بسیاری از آنان را نجات دهند

ما متعهد هستیم که این شورا با شفافیت و حس مسوولیت کامل، برای مردم و خیرین محترم ،گزارش های کتبی به همراه تصاویر و ویدیو از دریافت این کمک ها ارائه نماییم. این ائتلاف دارای تمام مجوزهای مربوطه از دولت آمریکا برای انتقال کمک های مردمی و بشردوستانه به کشور ایران می باشد واز قوانین کشور آمریکا در این رابطه تبعیت می کند. این مجموعه، یک ائتلاف از سازمانهای غیرانتفاعی است و تمامی کمک ها ، شامل بخشودگی مالیاتی می باشند

به دلیل موقعیت اضطراری موجود و سرعت گسترش این بیماری در میان مردم ایران، نیاز است اقدامات ، سریع و بدون وقفه باشد. لطفا برای کمک به تهیه اقلام پزشکی مورد نیاز بیمارستان ها و مراکز درمانی در ایران به لینک زیر مراجعه کنید و در این اقدام انسان دوستانه سهیم شوید


لطفا وجود این کمپین کمک رسانی را به گوش دوستان خود برسانید و آنها را به شرکت در این امر خیرخواهانه تشویق کنید. برای هرگونه پرسشی در این زمینه با ایمیل زیر تماس بگیرید

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

ائتلاف همبستگی کمک های بشردوستانه

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