It is my great pleasure to report the detailed activities of the administration of IAMA in Iran who are actively working hard on the related issues of IAMA Medical Center in Bam, Iran. Trustees of IAMA NGO in Iran are: Dr. M. A. Mirzaei, Chair; Dr. A. Emaeili, Engineer V. Sabbaghian, Dr. A. M. Mirfakhraee, Dr. A. Abasahl, Dr. R. Farid Hosseini, Dr. J. Moshirpur, Dr. A. Ganchi, , Dr. A Maghsoudi. Board of Directors: Dr. A. Ganchi, Dr. A. Esmaeili, Engineer V. Sabbaghian, Dr. A.M. Mirfakhraie, Dr. A. Abasahl, Dr. J. Mirfakhraie, Dr. J. Baharmast 1. Cooperation with the authorities of the Bam University, Medical School, which is subordinate of IAMA to equip the building to become operational in 2 months. 2. IAMA NGO in Iran operation was approved after going through many lengthy investigations, including security and police check of all members of the trustees and the Board of Directors. Thanks to the hard work of Dr. Ali Maghsoudi, Secretary General & Trustee, and Dr. A. Esmaeili, Vice President & Trustee, of IAMA in Kerman – Bam in Iran. Dr. A. Esmaeili Trustee and Vice President of IAMA NGO in Bam following the affairs of the IAMA Medical Center in BAM and at the same time helping Dr. A. Maghsoudi Secretary General of IAMA NGO, who was actively following the legal aspects of the NGO and now following the process of the deed of donated land by the City Council of BAM chaired by Dr. A. Esmaeili at that time under the name of IAMA NGO in Bam, Iran. This one has gone through a very long and hard process. There were 11 inquiries from different government and non-governmental offices to the other organizations to be answered, which took more than 3 years to get the result. Finally, those 11 inquiries are finished and now a letter should be sent to the Office of Registration in Kerman that the land and building to be owned by IAMA, NGO in Iran. 3. Now the authorities of Bam University, Medical School are working hard on the part of the vacant building to install a dental unit and at the same time equip the other spaces for counseling and medical clinic in the next few months to be operational. IAMA pledged to pay $15,000 for the cost of the dental unit to be installed. 4. The other half of the building is equipped with all necessary machinery equipment for the water and food lab to serve 3 vicinity states. 5. All the services by dental and medical clinic will be free of charge for the needy people in the area. 6. At the same time in the US, we have been trying to get the license from OFAC (Office of Foreign Assets Control) to send the money allocated to BAM for a long time, which was donated by you, the loyal members of IAMA ($130,000). Finally it was approved by the help of Mr. Ramin Asgard, attorney. Please notice the recent agreement regarding the equipment of the medical center to be operational is about 2 months. Hope to arrange a group trip to Iran, BAM soon after that.

Amir Ganchi, MD Chairman of IAMA

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