Good afternoon As a member of World Surgical Foundation, Chair of IRC Committee AHPBA and President of IAMA, I would like to share my experience in Honduras. I went to Honduras from 9/23/17 to 10/1/2017. Our team consisted of 20 volunteers, a Urogynecologist surgeon, two pediatric surgeons, three general surgeons, one 3rd year surgery resident, two anesthesiologist, three surgical scrub nurses, four ICU post care nurses, two nurse managers, and one social worker. We did 120 open/laparoscopic surgeries to include cholecystectomy, CBD exploration, hernia, removal mass auxiliary, imperforated anus, hypospadias, etc. Some of the gall bladders were amazing. In one particular patient we found more than 100 stones. Several CBD explorations that were performed on patients, laparoscopically and open, went home the next day after surgery. The only patient that stayed 2 days in the hospital had a CBD exploration with T-tube placement. We also educated the wonderful medical students that volunteered from Honduras. They were extremely helpful and worked with us from the 1st day that we screened patients and they accompanied all patients to the operating rooms and post op care. They were vital to this since they were acting also as our translators. We educated them on various diseases and taught them abdominal closures and suture techniques. Our surgery resident could have not been more happy since he scrubbed in at least 35 operations both open and laparoscopically. I am sending a few pictures from arrival at Hospital Leonardo Martinez in San Pedro Sula, Honduras. We were the 1st team to operate there since its renovations. We left Honduras with a wonderful feeling of accomplishment and arrived in the U.S. late Sunday night. The team was most grateful to contribute to the treatment of these patients who would have never received care.

Hosein Shokouh-Amiri, President

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