The Shiraz University School of Medical Sciences Alumni Association (SUSMA) was founded over thirty years ago by a group of graduates from that university. The aim of the society was to bring together alumni and medical professionals from Iran to promote the rich Iranian cultural heritage and their common goals for each other, their children and the Iranian Society. To achieve its objective, the Board of Directors decided to organize a yearly reunion for the alumni in the month of March that coincides with the “Nowruz” Persian New Year. They worked diligently to arrange and prepare for a memorable Alumni weekend. Every March friends from distant States would arrive on Friday to relax, socialize, sight see and get ready for the festivities. On Saturday night the Nowruz Celebration will recognize and honor prominent colleagues for their accomplishments and contributions to the science of medicine. On Sunday morning a scientific medical conference was organized to promote medical knowledge and awareness, followed by a luncheon to complete the weekend reunion. Since its inception as a not-for-profit organization, SUSMA, through its Board of Directors, has been instrumental in providing various services and making contributions by giving scholarships, helping students and needy Iranians through placement in different positions and assistance in providing medical treatment. It has also assisted Earthquake victims in Iran by providing blankets, medication and purchasing and donating an Ambulance to transport the sick from rural areas to distant hospitals. SUSMA purchased and maintained the supply of medical journals and books for Shiraz University Library, contributed to the Eye Institute in Shiraz, supported advancement of Encyclopedia Iranica, contributed funds to New York City for victims of 911 and to United Nations for Somali victims of war, just to name a few. SUSMA has also sponsored a chair in the United States in the name of an Iranian physician and the publication of a book written by the Dean of Shiraz University. Today we can proudly state that through hard work and dedication we have achieved and even surpassed the goals we set thirty years ago, our accomplishments in society are recognized and our contributions lauded. Now the Board of SUSMA is pleased to accept the invitation of IAMA to join in as a section of IAMA.

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The Iranian American Medical Association is a non-profit, professional association dedicated to promoting education, health, communication and research in medical sciences. IAMA conducts annual conference and sponsor educational and scientific workshops in each chapter. IAMA is accredited by the accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education

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