My dear friends and IAMA members,

I have been honored and privileged to serve IAMA as the national president, along with an assembly of highly dedicated and inspiring board members.

IAMA has always served a crucial role in the medical community, both in the US and in Iran.  Founding a clinic in Bam providing much needed medical services to underserved population, establishing a natural disaster relief fund supporting people affected by devastating earthquakes and floods, providing our communities with current and up-to-date medical education through our Public Awareness programs, presenting scientific articles and the opportunity to earn CME credits at our annual conference, fostering research and engaging in exchange of specialty and subspecialty medical services, and supporting young Iranian physicians in securing a residency position in the US are examples of IAMA’s ongoing commitment and achievements. Many of them owed to the hard work and dedication of founders and directors of IAMA, and in particular the immediate past president, Dr. Shokouh-Amiri and his esteemed board.

We live in an era of unprecedented pandemic, increasing geopolitical complexity, social movements, and everchanging healthcare policies and regulatory landscape. I anticipate more changes in our healthcare system as the election year always inspires politicians to push for reforms in delivery and accessibility of healthcare.

To ensure sustainability and to achieve our future goals and aspirations, we must be agile and adaptable, possess the ingenuity and farsightedness, utilize new emerging technologies and social media platform, and continue our growth and expansion through increasing membership and collaboration with other medical/professional societies.

I look forward to working with every one of you and I would like to hear your constructive suggestions and ideas for advancement of our beloved organization.


Shervin Mortazavi, MD

President of IAMA


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The Iranian American Medical Association is a non-profit, professional association dedicated to promoting education, health, communication and research in medical sciences. IAMA conducts annual conference and sponsor educational and scientific workshops in each chapter. IAMA is accredited by the accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education

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