Dear Members and Friends of IAMA,

This is a general announcement to address many questions that we have received in the past several days in regards to our current fundraising campaign for the victims of the flash floods in Iran:

IAMA is a fully registered 501(c) organization in the USA and has an OFAC license to legally send monetary aides for humanitarian assistance everywhere, particularly to Iran.  All our activities have always been transparent and available for an annual audit and at any time.  We have trusted NGO groups in Iran, who distribute the funds according to the dire needs of the community.  As soon as we have reached a reasonable amount, we will transfer the funds to our NGO in Iran.  We do not have any affiliations or connections with the government of I.R.I.

Our goal has always been to build health care and health care related facilities for victims of areas that have been damaged due to natural disasters.  Our first project was building a fully equipped and modernized Clinic in Bam after the devastating 2003 earthquake.  Due to the severity of the recent damages caused by the flash floods, we are considering to provide immediate assistance to the victims in the damaged areas in Iran.  However, we will also continue fundraising for our long term plans of building healthcare facilities in Iran. The extent of providing assistance depends solely on the generosity of the public.

This is why we encourage all of our members and friends to either make their secured donations through our website at: www.iama.org [under the Donate tab -> Disaster Relief- account] or our Facebook Page Handle:  @IAMA.IranianAmericanMedicalAssociation.  IAMA is a Non-Profit Organization and all of your donations are tax deductible.

Please, let us know if you may have further questions or concerns.

Thank you for your time, attention, and support.


IAMA- Disaster Relief Committee



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